Six types of college friends

This is loosely inspired by an Odyssey article I saw, “5 Types of College Friends”, just wanted to give it credit even though I’m using different “friends”. This also isn’t accurate for everyone. Some people don’t have any high school acquaintances at their school or may actually find a lifelong best friend at orientation, this is just my experience.

  • Orientation friends: You get to college and you know nobody in sight so you simply talk to the person sitting next to you at freshman orientation. Filled with excitement, nervousness, and a burst of friendliness (which you need to adapt to this new setting), you befriend each other simply for company. You stay friends for roughly a month until you quickly lose touch and your “orientation inside jokes” are all used up and you can’t think of anything to talk about anymore. These “orientation friends” unfortunately don’t stick around, but they definitely essential for providing a source of comfort through the beginning of your transition period to college.
  • High school acquaintance: You may have just been friends in high school and lost touch, or maybe they were someone you passed in the halls but never clicked with, but somehow you both ended up at the same school yet again. You wave “hi” to them and strike up small talk, you offer each other rides for breaks, if you have a class full of strangers, they’re you’re go-to project partner, but aside from your hometown, you share little in common. Regardless, it is nice to see a familiar face.
  • Project partners: If you go to a small school like me, even in a large major like psychology, you’re bound to have the same people in a few of your classes. You sit with them in class and sometimes talk a little outside of class, but mostly they’re just your project partner and study buddy. You’re always pleased to see that you have a class with them again and you sit next to them every class period, but you don’t hang out much besides that.
  • Freshman roommate: You shared the awkward experience of barely knowing them and having to share a shoe-box sized room with them. You have funny memories together, shared snacks, had late night talks sometimes, and admittedly got on each others nerves. They saw you cry, they almost walked in on you and your boyfriend a few times, and they’ve seen you without makeup more than with makeup. You may have not stayed in touch after rooming together and they may have not clicked super well with you, but you’ll always share a special bond of being each others’ first roommates ever. Even if they aren’t in your life by sophomore year, you’ll never forget them.
  • Ride-or-die friends/college besties: It may not happen instantly, but when it does, you’ll meet a few people where you click extremely well and all you can think is “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!” They’re a shoulder to cry on, always down to grab lunch, your weekend plans, you snapchat them even in the same room, they’re always there for you through tough times of college. You know a lot of people drift after college, but they’re so incredible and connected to you that you don’t worry about this. You may not see them as often after college, but you’ll stay in touch and you’ll probably be at each others’ weddings sharing funny sophomore year stories.
  • Activity friends: They may be your sorority sister/frat brother, club member, co-worker, etc. You are quite involved in a club, student org, job, or other activity on campus. You love spending time with them in said activity. However, they’re not your go-to person for grabbing lunch and they may not know the personal TMI details of your life, but you still care deeply about them and you’re always excited to see them at your student org/activity events.

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