People are (generally) not out to get you

One issue I tend to have, as a quite sensitive person, is taking things too personally. Sometimes someone says something that offends me, makes me feel left out, etc. and I feel as if they are out to get me and are purposefully trying to hurt me. While some people act with cruel intentions, it’s important to realize that a lot of people hurt you unintentionally and may not even realize they hurt you. I find that it’s best to be open about certain topics that you’re sensitive about so friends know not to joke about certain things. Also when you feel left out by friends, it’s important to remember that it may have nothing to do with you and more with themselves. Some people use others as a security blanket essentially and feel shy towards friends they don’t know as well. Some people are also just not very skilled at balancing their time (between their boyfriend and friends for instance). It can hurt when it feels like you’re second..or third..choice, but remember that in general, people just are not out to personally attack you.


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