Stepping outside of my comfort zone: extreme sledding addition

Yesterday we had our first decent snow of the school year and it was honestly one of the best days I’ve had here at college. That’s saying a lot because I’m halfway through my sophomore so I’ve had 1.5 years worth of fun times. One thing that made yesterday different was I stepped outside of my comfort zone more than I have in a long time.

I’ve always been a huge sledding fan, surprising my family (who know I’m scared to ride roller coasters and usually a somewhat wimpy person) with my adventurous love for going sledding real fast off of steep hills. Not only did I willingly go off of the steepest hill I’ve sled on in my whole life, but my friend discovered a small ramp. She had no clue it was there, but she went flying. We then decided to build it up bigger for some more fun. On a whim, I decided to be a little adventurous and go off the ramp and I had a little bit of a rough fall but it was fun regardless. Then, some guys saw what we were doing and they couldn’t resist helping us build up the ramp. We all cheered each other on as we took turns going off the ramp, team building and bonding with guys I didn’t know.

Then, one of the guys found a really large ply of wood. Me and this other guy looked at each other and decided we had to use to make the ramp even more extreme. He said he overheard people at the hill say we were insane and that the ramp was not gonna work. We ignored them and packed a ton of snow onto it until you couldn’t even tell there was wood underneath. Contrary to their assumptions, the ramp worked very well and everyone had a blast going down it. “I’m not here to go off that one. The other ones were ok, but this one is insane.” I insisted to the others who asked if I wanted to go. All of a sudden, a part of me realized I should just go for it and that I was already sore from some rough landings and possible whiplash from previous rounds and that nothing worse could happen. Another guy was at the top of the hill too and we anxiously exchanged a few “you going? maybeeee…you should go” and he finally went first, but I took a deep breath, felt my heart leap, and went right after him. As expected I came down pretty hard and I googled it..I definitely have whiplash lol. But the happiness that followed was so strong. I felt the adrenaline and the sense of community, building ramps with guys I’ve never met. I would have never done that even a semester ago, and I wouldn’t have even been outgoing enough to talk to those guys.

So in conclusion, put yourself outside of your comfort zone and do something that scares the shit out of you everyday. You might get whiplash, feel scared, or regret it, but I’m a firm believer that you regret the chances you didn’t take and the words you didn’t speak way more than the chances you took. Because at least you’re trying and that is truly all that matters.


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