Opinion: Myers Briggs Personality Types

What is Myers Briggs Personality Type?

For those of you who don’t know, real quick, the Myers Briggs Personality Type is a set of 16 different personality types, each having four letters. For example, I’m an INFJ.

E=extroverted (someone who gets their energy externally, typically more talkative, outgoing and less introspective, more focused externally, seen as the life of the party) vs. I=introverted (someone who gets their energy internally, usually more quiet, introspective/reflective, soft spoken, they usually stay out of the spotlight)

N=intuitive (thinks in abstract concepts, thinks of “what could be” and thinks more future-oriented rather than practically and in the moment, loves analyzing and imagining. They prefer to know “why” rather than simply “what”. Sometimes they gloss over little details cause they prefer to think of the big picture. They rely more on “gut feelings” and “vibes” rather than procedures.) vs. S=sensor (They are straightforward and think in practical and concrete terms, they don’t spend as much time thinking of why something is the way that it is, they care more about details and procedures instead of being overly analytical. They also prefer to think of how something affects the present moment and day-to-day life rather than thinking idealistically or future-oriented.)

F=feeler (thinks with their heart rather than their head, they tend to make decisions based on their feelings or others feelings. They are quite sensitive and good and picking up on others feelings. Sometimes they are seen as being too “soft” and glossing over logic because they are such empathetic people.) vs. T=thinker (thinks with their head rather than their heart, they often make decisions based on facts and logic and tend to leave emotion out of the picture. They are more blunt than feelers and better at taking criticism, but sometimes they can be seen as “cold”.)

J=judging (loves planning/organization/working with routines and deadlines, spontaneity doesn’t come naturally to them and they prefer to have a plan. This isn’t to say they never have a messy room but they tend to like to keep things in order. Some people may see them as uptight at times.) vs. P=perceiving (spontaneous, laid-back, “go with the flow”, they like flexible and open environments rather than having things planned out to the T. They prefer to let others take charge. However, they are sometimes seen as having their head in the clouds and are more prone to forget deadlines.)

My old opinion about Myers Briggs Personality Types:

When I first figured out I was an INFJ and learned about all the types, I was beyond intrigued! I always have been interested in personality and human behavior and I finally found a label to my personality. It describes me very well and it interests me to make sense of the ironic parts of my personality (ex. how i’m a judging introvert..I love planning and organization and I take charge when needed, but I still am quiet and prefer to stay out of the spotlight.) I began to try to type others in my life just for fun.

My current opinion about Myers Briggs Personality Types:

I still am very interested in this personality theory and I am still astounded at how similar INFJ descriptions are to my personality. However, I now realize that not everything is so black and white. Some people aren’t necessarily “introverts” or “extroverts”, people can be spontaneous and miss deadlines but still make dozens of to-do lists and love organizing things, people can be aloof and make decisions based on the cold hard facts yet be very sensitive to criticism, and people can be imaginative and rely on “gut feelings” yet still think in concrete practical terms. I can even think of specific people in my life that I can’t pin down with this theory based off their personality. (For example, my mom is a cross between a thinker and a feeler because she’s very logical but also very emotional and seems extroverted but prefers to work alone.) What am saying is I feel that people are amazingly complex in their personalities..too complex to fit into 16 different types of personalities. So while I still am intrigued by this personality theory, I feel that it should be taken with a grain of salt and with the reality that people are so much more complex than introvert or extrovert, feeler vs thinker, etc.


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