Updates and an overwhelming driving experience


I have not updated in quite a while, kinda forgot about this blog to be honest plus I have had almost no free time. So why? Cause I have a job as a pet resort specialist! I really love it, it’s busy and it’s hard work but it’s so rewarding because I get to work with so many dogs and cats. I clean up after dogs, clean the resort, feed dogs/cats, walk dogs, cuddle dogs, supervise doggie daycare, work with clients…never a dull moment at work! I work about 4 days a week for 6-9 hours at a time so basically my summer wardrobe has become scrubs and sneakers but I really don’t mind (hey a uniform=less time spent picking out cute outfits everyday and I’m not a huge fashionista anyway). I’m always exhausted when I get home and sometimes I feel like I’m spending more time with dogs than people haha but it’s always a day well spent and it’s so great to be part of such a hardworking team. I really will miss this when I go back to school (and I will have a lack of dogs in my life sadly) but I’ll be working there for other breaks! I also am not about to go into personal detail but I’d definitely say I’ve been going through quite a lot of emotional stuff these past couple weeks aside from my work life and I feel like I’m stronger, mentally healthier, more honest with myself and others, and overall a better person from it so aside from being busy thats another reason for my lack of posting.

Overwhelming driving experience:

So before you judge me as being overly dramatic/overly emotional about this, know that I’ve only been driving a year now and I kinda despise driving and it scares me quite a lot but I do it on a nearly daily basis despite my fear (which has admittedly lessened my fear somewhat). So on my way to work, it’s a 20min drive partially on a highway. On the highway I make a left and that left takes me to the entrance of my workplace. In that area there is also a neighborhood and a couple other places, but there are no other entrances aside from making that left. So a few days ago when I’m my usual 15min early to work and the entire left section is blocked off from traffic cones and a firetruck my current thought was “oh shit. What the hell do I do?”

I instantly felt a sense of panic so I took a right and pulled over in a random neighborhood 3min away (that had a huge “no trespassing sign” to collect myself. I tried to call my mom for some advice but of course when I needed it most I had no phone service. So then I thought “well I can’t stay in this neighborhood forever, I’ll try to make a U-turn somewhere”. But then I realized my big mistake because the highway was divided and there was absolutely no place to make a U-turn and I couldn’t get back into the neighborhood. Not to mention, I had no idea where the highway led to. I now had about 8min left till work started, a racing heart, no phone service, and no idea what to do so I pulled over again to take a deep breath. I got back on the highway and spotted a random road on the right side and I was desperate so I turned into it. To my luck, I had my GPS which then directed me through tons of unfamiliar streets which thankfully took me back to that random neighborhood near my workplace. Despite the huge “no trespassing” sign, I decided I had no other choice so I parked there.

Then an old couple spotted me and asked if I had car trouble. I explained the situation to them and they offered me a ride and said they took their dogs to the pet resort all the time. My mind was telling me “yeah they’re probably not psycho killers”, but my gut was telling me no so I politely declined. It was now noon (time I was supposed to be at work) and I was almost half a mile away and had to walk across a highway. I was careful and walked as swiftly as I could and the firemen laughed at me and asked what the hell I was doing. They seemed to find it humorous that I had to walk across a busy highway and that I was late to work. However, with the most overwhelming driving experience I’ve had, being late for work the first time, overheated in my scrubs, and with the fear of getting fined or toed for parking illegally..I did NOT find this humorous.

Luckily, my co-workers and boss were very understanding of my situation and were not upset that I was late (in fact I was somehow less than 10min late..not sure how I managed that!) and after our meeting, my awesome co-worker drove me to my car and was amazed at how far I walked to work and the fact I walked through a highway.


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