Updated goals for next semester:

I remember writing my goals for next semester a few weeks ago when I was outside taking a study break during hectic finals week. I know my semester doesn’t start for 2 and a half-ish months but that list looks quite different now even just after a few weeks. Plus I’m just excited for what next semester has in store:

  • Do a killer job being the new president of my school’s photography club and make the club better than ever!
  • Despite the fact that I did not get the game-room assistant, don’t let that set me back from applying to other on-campus jobs. Also let myself be ok with not getting an on-campus job yet if nothing works out. (Also I want to get myself back in the game-room instead of sulking when I walk past it since I didn’t get the job.)
  • Shoot for keeping my 3.5 GPA (or higher), but not being hard on myself if I don’t.
  • Try to get into the sorority but don’t let myself be too angry/upset with myself if it doesn’t work out. One of my main goals is to try to be less hard on myself and accept that lots of things just don’t work out in life.
  • Declare my major in psychology early on next semester and during my spring semester, declare a minor in health and wellness if I decide to go through with that as well.
  • Don’t hesitate to get tutoring for research methods II or seek help! Research methods I was a bit of a struggle because math has never been my strong subject, but it will be my last math-related course so I need to finish on a good note!
  • Switch meal plan so I have more snack money and less cafeteria meals. Also, now that my new residence hall will have good kitchens so I want to do more cooking…maybe make some vegetarian meals with my suitemate!
  • Try to take better care of myself–sleep more, exercise more, and take better care of myself when I’m sick. Last semester I got sicker than I ever have been in my life. I was sick for over a month and I couldn’t miss a lot of class and I would walk out of my dorm to get food and stuff and I didn’t feel the need to go to the dr for a while. But when my mom realized I was still sick after an entire month she encouraged me to go to the dr finally. I think this is a good lesson that I need to care for myself better when I’m ill.
  • Be more confident about playing ukulele at school!
  • Begin planning for my study abroad and start looking for internships.

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