“Other people are not medicine”

Recently, a quote on tumblr caught my eye and stuck with me. I think it’s a mistake that we’ve all gone through to feel like other people are our “medicine” or rather, I feel this means, our source of wellbeing. I won’t go far into personal examples, but if I’ve learned anything these past couple years, through rejection, loss of a loved one, heartbreak, or other times where I need comfort…look within. You are stronger and braver than you think. It is not your best friend, your boyfriend, your mother, your sister, even your therapist, etc. who stitches your heart back together and mends your soul during tough times, but yourself. It may sometimes feel like other people are where your happiness lies, especially when your going through periods where you’re unsure of yourself, but it’s important to recognize the difference between having supportive people that lift you up and thinking that others are the source of your happiness. To somewhat contradict the “put other first” concept in my kind of unpopular opinion…to be blatantly honest, at the end of the day you should never set yourself on fire to keep others warm. This crosses over to negative emotions too. In the past I tended to think of myself as a victim too often when the fault lied within my own negative self pitying/self defeating mindset. This is why it’s so crucial to love, trust, and depend on yourself to mend your own wounds. So the take from this? Have awesome people in your life that support you, however, never forget that it is truly yourself who wipes your tears away and helps yourself off the ground if you hit rock bottom. It is you who gets yourself back on track.


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