Betta fish, interview, and redecorating:

First off, I did something today I’ve wanted to do for several months..I got a betta fish! I was really missing not having a pet in my life. I named him Anya 🙂


Isn’t he lovely? By the way, to any crazy betta lovers out his water is not cloudy and I’m not sure why it looked that way in the photo. He’s so energetic that this is the only picture where he was staying still! He will be coming back with me to college in a few months..hopefully the three and a half drive won’t be a big challenge lol.

Secondly, I have applied for over 25 jobs for this summer, went to dozens of places in person asking if they’re hiring, spent many hours (usually at least 2 hours per day) with no luck. Until this morning that is…The Buckle called me today and scheduled an interview for next week! This is no guarantee, but I’m thankful that all my several hours of hard work might be paying off. Cross your fingers for me! Last time I posted about a possible job (on-campus during the school year) I scored an interview but did not get the job so hopefully this interview does go well.

And also, I mentioned in my “simplifying my life” post how I wanted to get rid of junk and rearrange my room? That process is going great! I spent the first week of summer practically turning my room upside down and I ended up donating a ton of stuff I no longer need. Then I redid the layout of my room and took off a ton of old pictures. My walls are looking pretty bare now but I have quite a few projects planned for decorating. Also by redecorating my room I noticed I have eleven pillows…eleven?! How that happened I have no clue haha…from this experience though I really think I’ve already become a more minimalist person (which was the goal). Some other life updates: I went to the beach for a few days last week which was super nice cause I hadn’t been in almost a year and although it was too chilly to swim, I loved just being there with my family. I’ve also gotten back into ukulele, yoga, and I’m going to babysit later this week (another thing I’ve missed 🙂 ). So far my summer is pretty awesome!


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