Getting rid of junk and simplifying my life

I just got home from college a few days ago. I went from having a fairly large room to myself for nearly 18 years to living in very compact space with three strangers for 8 months. In that time, I found myself becoming more minimalist and organized to adapt to having a much smaller space than I was used to. I came home and it didn’t take long for me to wonder: “Why the hell do I have so much stuff?” From clothes I haven’t worn in four years, old backpacks from high school, craft supplies I haven’t used since middle school, old and unused lotions, knick-knacks that hold no sentimental value, and straight up trash. I was hesitant to unpack at first cause I wasn’t sure how I was going to fit the stuff from my dorm (that I actually need and use) with a bunch of unused clutter. Then I realized, why not get rid of a ton of stuff?

It’s not just the fact that I have a lot of junk. I also feel somewhat traumatized in my room because a few months ago, I walked in to find my rabbit (who was very ill) laying down and dead. I couldn’t go in my room for a week after that. I feel like changing my room will embrace a refresh start so I can feel happier in my room again. My room has also had the same exact layout since middle school. I’m not sure how that has happened, as I’m pretty into interior design. I think I felt like it was a hassle to change things and my old excuse was that I was going to college soon so it didn’t matter. However, I’ll be here for over 3 months so I may as well make this room more enjoyable.

My goal with this is not to just have a more appealing, more updated room, but also to shift towards a more simplistic, minimalistic lifestyle. Now this isn’t going to be as dramatic as me ditching my phone, laptop, tv, makeup, and any other unnecessary material accessories. However, I have come to like living in a compact space (which I did in my first year of college) because if you don’t keep things simple and organized in a tight really shows. So I had to be organized and minimalist. I always have hated the look of a cluttered space. It stuns me how many things I’ve already begun to get rid of. Stuff I may have needed in middle school or high school. But I’m simplifying my life now.


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