Summer of self expression

I am now home for the summer with admittedly mixed feelings. But I am still happy to be home! I don’t have many plans and I’m so fine with this. During college I had been so busy between school, campus events, friends, school clubs, etc. I had put creative activities aside. I haven’t painted, drawn, played much music, done anything crafty really in a long time. Here’s some ways I plan to get back into creativity this summer:

  • Organize all my music into one place, a music notebook. For piano and ukulele, I’ll keep a chord notebook so I can more easily play music.
  • Get back into painting, collaging, and drawing! I will keep some of these to myself and don’t put pressure on myself to display my artwork to anyone.
  • Re-learn how to knit. I loved knitting and I taught myself when I was around 10 years old, I did it for a few years before other hobbies took over and I don’t think I remember how to do it anymore.
  • Get back into photography! After all, I’m now the president of my school’s photography club!
  • I believe cooking is also a form of self expression! I want to embrace my vegetarianism and also embrace the fact that now I’m at home and I have access to fresh food and less greasy, processed foods and make lots of healthy meals.
  • Make dorm crafts! I plan on doing this with my suitemates. Comment below if you have any room decor craft ideas 🙂

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