Dear freshman year,

Dear Freshman Year,

The first day I met you I was terrified. I was at a new school in a new town 4 hours away from my home to a place where I knew fewer that 5 people. You weren’t easy on me the first morning I met you when my shower was out of hot water and my roommate and I had to take ice-cold showers that day. You allowed me to meet my first boyfriend and some amazing friends. You tested the waters by giving me a best friend who then transferred schools, but that only made me stronger as I found new friends. You’ve made me feel excited, scared, insanely happy, sad, lonely, left me laughing till my stomach hurt, and left my heart racing from excitement and fear. You’ve made me grow and learn so much in a short amount of time. From the independence and courage you gave me to life lessons like moving on quickly from rejection, dealing with loss, and learning that hard work pays off. As I said, the first day I met you I was beyond terrified. I cried in the car ride over and I wasn’t able to stomach lunch before I came. But now? Freshman year, you don’t scare me at all. Not one bit. In fact I’ve grown to love you and I will never forget your naivety, newness, bravery, and joy.

Here’s to becoming a wise fool! (Sophomore!!)

– Justine


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