Tips for college freshman:

Hey guys, so as my freshman year in college comes to a close, here are some useful tips and information/advice that I learned here:

  • Hide your valuables: I kept my expensive camera in a drawer all year and whenever I wasn’t in my room, I would either keep my laptop out of site or take it with me. Your roommates will not always lock the door when they leave and its pretty easy for people to walk in and steal. You wouldn’t think it would happen, but all year I’ve noticed little thing missing. Socks, underwear, hair ties, bobby pins, silverware, plates, etc. If your grandma gave you her fancy diamond ring…consider leaving that at home if you want it safe.
  • It really is okay to sit alone at lunch: Everyone has very different schedules in college so sometimes friends can’t get lunch/dinner, but sometimes I honestly really want to be alone. No one will judge you for eating alone. It really isn’t that weird. I savor the alone time I get here actually.
  • Get lots of decorations/pictures: Thats probably the biggest thing for me in making my dorm finally feel like my home. It felt like I was staying at some weird summer camp for a few weeks, but over the year I’ve added a lot of stuff to my walls and pictures from home and thats helped a lot. Plus anything to hide the cinderblock walls…
  • Sleep when you can: Don’t procrastinate and pull an all-nighter, just don’t screw up your sleep schedule cause you will be so busy here you can’t afford to walk around strung out on caffeine. Also you may end up with loud suitemates like I did so savor the sleep that you can manage. Take naps too!
  • Call home sometimes: You will find yourself getting kind of homesick at times and it’s okay to call your parents, they want to hear from you! Don’t feel like you’re “too independent” to call home and admit that you miss being at home sometimes.
  • Don’t go home every weekend: On the other hand, depending on where you live, it may be tempting to go home every weekend to see your family (if thats an option). But honestly, you will branch out, get more involved on campus, and make more friends if you make yourself stay for most weekends.
  • Join lots of clubs: Nearly all the friends I have from college are from student organizations/clubs on campus. Before I was more involved, I felt like I didn’t have much of a place on campus. You won’t regret getting more involved. I even ended up taking charge of my school’s photography club and now I’m the president!
  • Stay organized: If you’re living in a dorm, don’t be upset that it’s a small space. Use this as an opportunity to learn how to stay organized. Get shoe organizers (I should have done this), clothes organizers, boxes, wall hangers, whatever you can.
  • Don’t skip class all the time: Having “one of those days” can turn to the whole semester if you let it. You are paying a lot for your education so don’t take advantage of the fact that many professors don’t take attendance. You will fall behind.
  • Stay in touch with friends from back home: Skype, message, snapchat, text, call, etc. keep in touch with friends from your hometown/high school. College is so busy it’s easy to forget your life back home. But you’ll likely be reconnecting with them over breaks so it’s good to keep up with them and see whats going on in their busy lives too.

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