Blogging Challenge: I surrender

Ok I have attempted many challenges on many social media type sites/apps..and a common pattern? I always surrender and I’m posting this to say I’m gonna stop this challenge too. Not necessarily because it’s too time-consuming or it’s a bad challenge or something, but because I feel annoyed with the routine and the obligation of feeling like I have to post something every single day. With finals coming up in 2 weeks, that is kinda too stressful for me right now and with my blog being like only a month old, it’s come to the point where most of my posts are from this challenge and I don’t have a lot of interesting answers for some of the questions. Today’s post was gonna be about whats in my fridge. I don’t know..I’m a college student, I rarely go grocery shopping as it is. I probably just have some creamer and an old water bottle. Anyway, from now on I will just be posting whatever I feel like whenever I feel like.


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