Holi: a colorful day of pure happiness

For those of you who haven’t heard of “Holi” it’s a Hindu holiday celebrating spring, but several non-Hindus celebrate it (many college campuses for example) as a fun way to celebrate happiness, fun, and spring. I had always wanted to do this and I went to the Holi festival held on my college campus yesterday and I had a blast. For me, as an agnostic jew, not a hindu, it honestly did feel pretty spiritual nonetheless.

There were about 60 people playfully throwing powdered paint at each other. I would throw some in a random person’s hair then they would laugh and through some at my face. I skipped around and pelted my friends with colorful powder and ran through the crowd as the warm sunshine and light breeze hit my skin. This fun went on for four rounds, each time I made sure to pick a different color. I can only fully describe the emotion I felt during this festival as “alive” and “carefree”. I wasn’t thinking about the fact that finals are soon and that, for a few hard days here, I’ve cried alone in my room. I wasn’t thinking about the fact that my muscles were sore from yard work or that I was running on 4 hours of sleep. I was only smiling and laughing in the sun as this fun experience brought out my inner childhood. Even though most people in the crowd were unfamiliar faces, I felt such a sense of community as we shared the fun experience together. I even got purple powder on my teeth because I had been smiling when a boy threw powder at my face. By the end of it I couldn’t help but take dozens of pictures with several of my friends because we were all happy and stunningly colorful. Here’s some pictures from my experience. For privacy: I won’t share my friends name or my school’s location: (PS. I will delete comments guessing my school’s location to keep my privacy, though I’m sure some people may recognize it)





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