Blogging Challenge: Day 9 and Day 10

Day 9: Whats in your bag/wallet?

(oops I’ve been busy this weekend, I didn’t get the chance to update. I’ll make a post about my weekend actually cause it was great!)

I take my purse pretty much everywhere I go. I keep the basics like my wallet, license, student ID, cards, keys. I also almost always keep earbuds, a pack of gum, hand sanitizer, receipts I’m too lazy to throw away, pads, and sometimes snacks.

Day 10: Best trip of your life

I have been fortunate enough to go to many amazing trips such as Hawaii, Spain, and Scotland. However, I feel like it’s not always where you go, but what you make of it and who you go with. I’m not going to name any favorite vacations because every trip is like a new adventure. I love going to a beach only 3 hours away with my family and just relaxing. I also love going to foreign countries and immersing myself in the culture. I just love traveling and I can’t narrow it down, but I would say Hawaii is probably one of my favorite states I’ve ever been too. It felt surreal. Comment if I should make a Hawaii post!


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