Hopes for my next semester to be:

I’m writing this as I sit on a table outside in beautiful silence on my laptop about to start studying for a bio test. At this time, exactly one month from now, on May 5th, I will be taking my last final of my freshman year. I’ve said this before, but it stuns me how quickly time has flown by this year. Here are my hopes for an awesome next semester:

  • Continue to be active in my current clubs and possibly join more.
  • Get into a sorority (which has some nice girls in in who I am pretty acquainted with).
  • Live in the best residence hall on campus with two of my friends, and hopefully the third person will be nice as well.
  • Get a job as a game room assistant so I can gradually start becoming more financially independent. (I have an interview on Tuesday, wish me luck!)
  • Enjoy some great classes, including hopefully abnormal psychology, and also enjoy the laid back schedule of 13 credit hours instead of my busy 17 credit hours.
  • Continue to make new friends and find my place on campus even more.
  • Begin planning my study abroad for junior year. If I’m lucky, I’ll get to be in Australia with 2 of my greatest friends who live there.
  • Get a better exercise routine. I was great about doing yoga once, if not twice a week the first semester. The second semester, I was pretty good about exercising in the beginning, until I got sick for a month. So that put it to a halt, then I found that once I was healthy, I still found myself too busy. However, exercise is important and I should make it a bigger priority.

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