Blogging Challenge Day four: Dream Job

I’m honestly proud of myself for not missing a day yet. I’m usually pretty bad at keeping up with challenge type things online. My dream job, as I’ve mentioned in at least one post on here, is a child clinical psychologist. I want my psychological focus to be developmental/child-based. I am interested in abnormal psychology and learning about parts of the brain and stuff. However, from the few psychology courses I’ve taken so far, developmental psychology interests me the most. I really like children and I’m interested in their behavior and development. I want to work with children as a therapist and help them with mental health issues, family issues, whatever issues I can and try to make them live happier lives and learn more about child behavior development. I realize that any job in psychology would be my dream job (unless it’s quite research based which is not my ideal field). If I end up working with adults then that’s ok as well. I just feel my people skills are better with kids than adults honestly. My only concern with this field is that it doesn’t involve two other things I love: animals and art. However, I can continue to have pets and pursue art as a personal hobby.


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