Blogging Challenge Day Two: 20 Facts About Me

1. I’m an INFJ (If you don’t know what that is it’s a Myers-Brigg’s personality type and I’m so into Myers-Brigg’s because I think it’s super accurate and interesting!)

2. I’m a freshman in college (with only one month left!) majoring in psychology. I hope to get my PhD or at least Masters in Psychology and become a clinical child’s psychologist or something similar.

3. I have brown hair and brown eyes and I have not yet posted a picture of myself but maybe I will someday idk man.

4. I love animals a lot! I’d say my favorite animal is a dog, and some of my other favorites are cats (including big cats such as lions) and rabbits.

5. I’m pretty interested interior design/decorating. I used to want to be an interior designer, but I now realize it’s more of a personal interest and not something I’d want to do for a living.

6. I love music. My genre is pretty much indie/folk/alternative. Some of my favorite bands and singers are: Of Monsters and Men, Death Cab for Cutie, Passenger, Kodaline, Ed Sheeran, Bastille, Angus and Julia Stone, Fall Out Boy, Vampire Weekend, Mumford and Sons, and pretty much anything that sounds similar to this genre.

7. Speaking of music, I also like playing the piano and this year I taught myself the ukulele. I love playing it, when I have the free time. I’d also like to learn the guitar someday. Well I’ve messed around with it a bit, but legit learn it I mean.

8. My favorite colors are aqua, purple, pink, white, black, and gray.

9. Speaking of gray…I notice I have a weird connection to gray. My pet dog and pet rabbit were both gray and my first, and current, boyfriend is named “Grey”.

10. I have one older brother, Ben, and he’s great. He’s quite different from me so we don’t always get along. He is a lot more blunt and easygoing, but he’s really driven which I admire.

11. I love doing crafty and creative things like drawing, painting, decorating, writing, etc.

12. I feel I have a strong connection to nature. Some of my most comfortable moments are when I’m alone in the woods. I have always felt very comfortable around animals and I’m not afraid to walk barefooted outside and get some mud on my feet.

13. I would say that I’m shy, but definitely not as shy as I was in high school. College has really boosted my confidence, as I mentioned in a previous post. I’m still an introvert at heart though. I don’t really get “bored” necessarily. I’m totally fine with just having a day alone with no plans.

14. Some of my favorite shows are: The Office, Pretty Little Liars, Parks and Recreation, Breaking Bad, America’s Next Top Model, and Project Runway.

15. I have a strange pet peeve about hair. It grosses me out abnormally when there’s a hair in my food or if there’s hair in my mouth or an eyelash on someone’s face.

16. Although I can be messy in some ways (I never make my bed and sometimes I leave clothes on my floor), I am very organized in the sense that I very rarely forget assignments or miss deadlines and I keep lots of organized checklists. It’s to the point where it almost feels like a hobby haha.

17. I love photography! It’s something I haven’t gotten the chance to do in a while, but I especially like taking nature pictures. It’s a fun way to express myself.

18. Despite my love for animals, I currently do not have a pet! My parents travel too much to get one for me to have back home and the dorms don’t allow pets other than fish. So I’m probably getting a fish next year cause I’m going nuts without having a pet.

19. I’m 5’4″ and 19 years old, but I often get mistaken for younger.

20. I’m not the most athletic person around at all, but I do enjoy yoga. Sadly, between being busy, I haven’t kept up with it recently. But it’s a fun hobby.


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