Why you should take breaks from social media

I like using instagram, facebook, and snapchat. Since I’m at college, it’s a good way for me to keep up with what people from high school are up to and I like sharing my life experiences with others. However, my phone is currently not using wifi so to prevent myself from using a lot of phone data, I haven’t been able to go on these sites as much. And honestly? I’ve felt a lot happier and less stressed as a result. I’m not saying these sites are bad, but I think that shows that it’s important to take breaks from social media sometimes. It’s important to not compare your behind-the-scenes with someone else’s highlight reel. Meaning, people post pretty much only good stuff going on in their lives on these sites like vacation pictures, pictures with friends, but this doesn’t mean bad things aren’t happening in their lives as well. I met a friend at a summer camp and we exchanged social media/contact info to stay in touch and when I saw her at camp the next summer she asked me if I was “super popular” at my school. I remember scoffing and being like “not at all, I have a nice group of friends, but not tons and tons of friends”. She just made this assumption because I posted a lot of pictures with a ton of friends (most of whom were mutual friends who I barely know and some of which I didn’t even particularly like, but this is hidden behind smiling faces in a picture). I think that snapchat in particular can be damaging (I’m considering deleting it honestly), because on snapchat stories you see friends/acquaintances hanging with friends and having a blast. “Where’s my invite?” you may think, or “great, they’re at a party and I’m just watching Netflix alone..”. But don’t let yourself get jealous and remind yourself that some fun moments don’t have to be broadcasted. By all means, post that selfie with your cute new outfit, post a picture of your cat, post that picture of the ocean, post that picture hanging with your sorority sisters. However, the main point is to not let yourself be overcome with social media and to not let yourself compare your life to other people’s lives, because just as you have personal problems going on that social media doesn’t know about, same goes for everyone else.


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