You ARE enough

In case you haven’t told yourself this today, you are enough. You are ridiculously so enough. You failed that math test you worked hard studying for? So? You lost your car keys? So?You had no energy to change out of sweats? Oh well. You walked into a door in front of that cute guy? No biggie. You didn’t make the volleyball team? That sucks, but it’ll be okay. You didn’t get a bid from that sorority? Life carries on. You’re not the first one to make a mistake and it’s only human to make mistakes sometimes. An unfortunate part of life is trying hard and still failing, but that makes us grow. Mistakes make us learn, and failed opportunities are often blessings in disguise. You may find that although you didn’t make the tryout for the school play, this led you to join a fun school club. I’m a believer that everything happens for a reason. So don’t sweat it if you don’t succeed, because this is often life’s way of showing us better opportunities we wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.


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