You don’t always have to justify yourself

Something I’ve realized lately is that you don’t always have to justify your choices and actions. Of course there are times when it’s necessary, but instead of saying “Oh my hair is kind of a mess today, I slept in late because I didn’t sleep well and I didn’t have time to straighten it.” just let yourself have a bad hair day. You don’t have to look flawless all the time. Also, some days you may just not feel up to doing anything. Some days you may just want to read a book or go on a netflix binge in your pjs, but guess what? That’s completely fine. You don’t need to justify yourself by telling your roommate: “Ah I have a headache and I didn’t sleep much last night, I’m probably just gonna do some laundry and watch Pretty Little Liars all day, I swear I’m not normally this lazy.” Just do what you want to do and know your limits. If you’re not up to having a busy day then it really is ok to cancel plans and put yourself first.


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