Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my wordpress! I suppose no one has found my blog yet so I’m pretty much talking to myself lol. So I’ll start by saying why I made this blog just now. I really like using tumblr, twitter, instagram, and facebook, however, I now realize these social media sites are not necessarily the best way to share my life and thoughts. I will still use these sites for fun, but I realize that I sometimes get caught up in thinking about how many “notes” something has or how many “followers” I have. And on these sites people (people from my high school I don’t know that well) that I know in real life follow me and it makes me feel like I can’t open up and share my true experiences and self reflect as much as I’d like to. I also have been having the most eventful, exciting, challenging, life-changing year of my life as a college freshman and I would like to share my experiences with that. Writing is also a favorite past time of mine and writing has always been one of my favorite things academically. For example, although solving a complicated math problem makes my head spin, I can write an essay no problem. I think writing is a very therapeutic activity and it helps me clear my mind. Also, as I notice with age, time really does fly. Weeks pass by before my eyes and having experiences in written form help me remember the moments and self reflect and learn from past experiences. Some of my posts here will be life experiences, some will be lists (I absolutely love making lists haha), some will be opinions, some may be poetry, and I may post some pictures sometime. Whether this blog becomes popular and I have hundreds of people reading about my life, or if it’s unnoticed and is essentially an online journal read by only myself, I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter. I just love writing and reflecting on my life and that’s all that matters.


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