Second semester (so far)…

Sorry my first two posts have been quite lengthy. It really is hard to summarize months of life-changing experiences into just one post. Now that I have this blog, I can update regularly instead of summarizing a long time span into one post. My second semester of my freshman year started early January and will end in early May. Here’s my experiences so far:

  • I started the semester feeling fresh and full of confidence and self growth from a semester of college experience out of the way. In addition to learning ukulele and becoming a vegetarian, I decided a big flaw of mine is that I don’t always speak up when I should. So I ended up confronting a few people close to me to clear up some issues. Confrontation is terrifying for me, but I realized that speaking up is important and I was proud of myself for being more blunt.
  • At the beginning of the semester, my two really good friends visited me from Australia and that was amazing. I hope to visit them in Australia some day! This was definitely a highlight of my semester.
  • I also kept my promise of being more social and getting more involved with campus life. I decided to rush for a sorority and I felt like I didn’t truly connect with them and my intuition was telling me “no”, but I ignored it and I didn’t end up getting in. I believe that was for the best if my heart told me I wasn’t meant to.
  • I was bummed out but still determined to branch out so I ended up joining a couple clubs including the school event organizing team. That was one of the best choices I’ve made here. I’ve made friends through it and it’s a great way to keep busy. Plus I love organizing and planning so what could be better?
  • It wasn’t long before I realized I was in some challenging courses with a ton of homework and more credit hours than last semester. But I’ve just been working super hard and not giving up at keeping a good GPA.
  • A few weeks ago, I have set up housing for next year. Me and my two friends got into an awesome dorm on campus and we can’t wait to live together.
  • All had been going well in my college life I had forgotten that all was not well at home. My wonderful grandpa had been ill for months with terminal pancreatic cancer. He passed away on St. Patricks’ day and it wasn’t a surprise but it was still devastating. That day I spent a lot of time sitting alone in the forest, listening to music and letting the beauty of nature heal me. That was really hard to get through, but I’ve been keeping busy and I’m glad my I have supportive friends and family by my side.
  • The school year is strangely coming towards an end. After April, I have some exams then I’m done with school until August when I’ll be a sophomore. It’s nuts to think that I’ve been here that long. Everything in my life was so different a year ago and not nearly this great. Everyday isn’t easy and some days are bad, but overall this has been one of the best years of my life. I’ll keep updated about the rest of my semester!

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