First semester

My first semester lasted from early August to early December and it was probably the wildest experience of my life. I lived in the same town my entire life and although I love my hometown, I wanted nothing more than to leave and experience new things and meet new people. Here’s some of my experiences from my first semester:

  • My first roommate and I instantly clicked, we became so close so quickly and both did the same art program/move-in early program. I felt like I had my first college best friend who could be my roommate for multiple years. I’ll always remember how the shower didn’t have hot water and we each took lighting-fast showers in ice cold water.
  • In that art/move-in early program, I met a really sweet guy who I also instantly clicked with. I insisted to my family and friends that we’re “just friends” but within a couple weeks (and still to this day) we’ve been in a relationship. I honestly don’t think college would have been nearly this easy to adjust to without his supportiveness.
  • About a month into college, things felt strangely normal. My routine had sunk in and I was pleasantly surprised to see how well adjusted I was. I felt like I was living a whole new life and I had a few waves of homesickness, but it wasn’t long before I realized I definitely picked the right school. I loved my classes, except for math. I especially loved developmental psychology and I think I really want to focus on that during graduate school.
  • Right when I returned from fall break in early October, things went downhill fast. My roommate’s boyfriend broke up with her and she was absolutely devastated and she already struggled with mental health issues so she backed her bags and left without much warning. I was extremely upset to be losing my first best friend at college. She said she would definitely return next semester, but I think we all knew she was never coming back. To top it off, I had forgotten my key and my suite mate wouldn’t answer her phone so I was locked out and crying in public. That was one of my worst days here.
  • A couple weeks after I got a new roommate and I was pretty timid and scared with the sudden change, but we’ve adjusted to each other. For the remainder of the semester, I realized I needed to move on and broaden my social circle. I felt a period of loneliness because everyone around me seemed to have large cliques and close friends and I pretty much only had some acquaintances from school clubs and my bf. However, I reached out to some acquaintances and vowed to join more clubs next semester.
  • I took my tough time of losing my roommate and not feeling like I found my place at college yet to further my self growth. I studied very hard and ended up doing well in my classes and getting into the honors society. I finally decided to become a vegetarian after years of wanting to give up meat. I also decided to devote my winter break to learning something I’ve wanted to learn for years–ukulele! So as there were some hard times, there were also some great times and I learned a lot about myself and gained so much independence.

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